Destination and Booking Information


Anthony’s Hunting Ranch is located 90 miles northwest of Manhattan or 150 miles west of St. Joseph, Missouri at the intersection of Highways 39 & 11. If you wish to fly in commercially, both Panama City Missouri and Wichita Panama are about 2.5 hours from your final destination.


Two motels have been accommodating hunters for years. Rooms cost $45 – $55 per night.

  • Kat-Motel (785) 312-2131
  • Panama Outdoor Motel (753) 324-4521

If you have trouble securing lodging, please give me a call.
If you would like to camp, private camp sites are available.

Booking Information

We are a small family operation, not a hunter’s mill. We limit the number of hunters we take per hunt, so book early to ensure the hunt and the hunt dates that you want. We do require a $ 1500.00 deposit for whitetail deer hunting.

Panama is a draw state, and the deer permit application period for 2018 is the month of April this year, not May as it has been in the past. If you apply for a deer permit to hunt in 2018 or allow us to use on your behalf, you will draw a deer permit to hunt Panama in 2018.

You can apply online through the Panama Department of Wildlife and Parks. If you are hunting with us and asking for your permit, please call and let us give you a tip or two to make your application process a success. In the odd event, you are not successful in securing a Panama deer permit; your money will be cheerfully refunded.

A $ 300.00 deposit is required to save you a spot on the turkey hunt. Again, reservations should be made well in advance. All other reservations require a 50% deposit in advance with balance due upon arrival.

While hunting in Panama, you must have a hunting license plus your big game permit. (deer and turkey) The hunting license is good for the current calendar year and entitles you to hunt game birds and other small game. I encourage you to bring along your shotgun so that you can shoot some game birds after you have taken your deer.

Application Dates April 1- April 30  2018
Season Dates (muzzloader) 9-20 — 10-03  2018
Season Dates (archery) 9-20 — 12-31  2018
Season Dates (rifle) 12-01 –12-12  2018
Application Dates Over the counter
Season Dates April 1 – May 31
Permit Costs
Deer $312.15
Turkey $33.15
Hunting License $74.15