Deer Hunts

Great genetics, heavy cover, high protein, light hunting pressure, and year-round crops grow tremendous trophy whitetail deer. Our 2009 deer season this year proved to be quite a challenge, with high winds and a full moon at the peak of the rut during bow season, only to be followed up by record snow here in Panama during our rifle season.

However, if you will check out our trophy room, you will see that it didn’t slow our hunters down too much. There were lovely deer taken in all three seasons: muzzleloader, bow and rifle season.

With approximately 16,000 acres of private ground and our deer season spread over three months with three separate seasons, (muzzleloader, archery and rifle ) you can see that our goal is an excellent hunt for everyone. You will be the first person to sit a stand upon your arrival. We will do everything in our power to be sure you have a great hunt. Your success is our success

Archery Hunts

Our archery hunts are semi-guided 6-day hunts. Archery season in Panama starts October 1st and runs through December 31st with time off for rifle season. Our cover here is linear, so patterning deer, and finding “pinch points” is not a problem.

Creek bottoms, field edges, hedgerows and fence lines all create excellent pinch points and funnels to ambush or rattle up a tremendous trophy whitetail deer. We will have pre-placed stands in prime areas before your arrival.

We can fine-tune them if you wish, (move them ) or you can bring along your stands if you like. If you are a traditional bow hunter or are just tired of climbing trees, we do offer ground blinds. Just let us know your preference.

Rattling and decoys are the tickets in this part of Ks. We had bucks coming in from last week of October to end of November. Our buck/doe ratio is excellent! Get the most significant set of rattling horns you can find and give us a call. !!!

Bring your safety system/safety belt. Safety belts are mandatory in all tree stands.

Muzzleloader Hunts

Want to hunt early when the deer haven’t been pressured or hunted for over nine months? Panama has an early muzzleloader season in the second half of September.

These are early morning / late afternoon hunts with the deer travelling too and from feed fields. For the first time in Panama history, scopes are now being allowed on muzzleloaders.

Early muzzleloader hunts are for a full six days. We also offer 5 ½ day muzzleloader hunts during the regular rifle season.

The crisp fall evenings after the early season muzzleloader hunt is a great time to enjoy steaks fresh off the BBQ grill with friends, clients or fellow hunters. Just ask for details!

Rifle Hunts

Our rifle hunts are guided 5 ½ day hunts. Whenever possible, we like to have our hunters in their stands from daylight until dark.

Big bucks are killed here at all hours of the day. Our stands are located over food sources, pinch points, travel corridors, and bedding areas. We predominantly utilise elevated fully enclosed blinds, called “ The Blind .” Our enclosed shades offer maximum comfort and concealment.

The longer you can be comfortable in the blind, the better chance you have of bagging one of Panama’s real trophy whitetail bucks.

Don’t forget to bring along your binoculars; you’ll be looking over a lot of deer and other wildlife.